Safety Managment

Minimising Hazards

Potential hazards and how to keep yourself safe.

Cemetery Tours

The cemetery grounds are maintained by the Dunedin City Council and are in good condition.  

Potential hazards are:

  • Uneven ground, slippery areas from rain, debris from fallen gravestones - trip hazards
  • Cars traveling through the roads - children especially vulnerable to being hit
  • Demons summoned from an earlier tour (just joking, hehe)
  • Weather, for example, Anderson's Bay cemetery has little shade on a sunny day - risk of sunburn and dehydration
  • Getting lost from the group
  • Wearing masks and exerting yourself - breathing problems

To minimize these hazards:

  • Gregor will take a route that is as even and as dry as possible. Please wear comfortable walking shoes and clothing suitable for the weather and wind
  • He will verbally warn the group of hazardous areas and wait until everyone has made it to the destination safely
  • Do not walk on graves, not only is it disrespectful but also a trip hazard
  • Look both ways before crossing a road, adults to hold the hands of children and guide them
  • Gregor will not summon demons
  • Gregor will carry a first aid kit, sunscreen, and covid tests. Please ensure you're wearing sun protection; a hat and sunglasses and have water to drink. Bring an umbrella on a rainy day. Bring a torch if it is dark
  • Gregor will count the group numbers at the start and end of a tour
  • If you're feeling uncomfortable in a mask while walking, please take it off and be sure to distance yourself from others outside of your group
  • Most importantly, please inform Gregor of any hazards you think might be a problem for yourself or others

None of the cemeteries have public toilets. Gregor will be able to point you towards the nearest one in the vicinity.