Larnach Castle and Heritage City Van Tour

Larnach Castle and Heritage City Van Tour

Experience Dunedin through the eyes of a local historian.  

Hotel and Cruise Ship pick ups

Respected historian, tour guide and expert story teller, Gregor Campbell is excited to show you Dunedin and share his passion for history and interesting stories.  The everyday people who made up the city before us fascinate Gregor, their lived experiences have shaped the city to be what it is.

With this in mind, we've developed a very special tour to let you tick off your bucket list items (the world's steepest street!) but accompanied with the commentary Gregor has spent time researching and crafting that even earned him the cover of the New Zealand Heritage Magazine.

Tours will be conducted in a Toyota Hiace Minibus, meeting all levels of comfort and safety.  

True stories of murder and mystery, pioneering and hope accompany the beautiful scenery Dunedin has to offer. 

Total Duration: 5 - 6 hours (including pick up and travel times)

  • University of Otago. Drive through and see the old buildings with commentary.

  • Northern Cemetery.  Drive through the beautiful, Victorian cemetery full of lush trees and wrought iron while Gregor tells the tales buried there.  Prisoners, poets, shipwrecks and notable figures in history like Thomas Bracken who wrote New Zealand's national anthem.  15 minutes

  • Baldwin Street: The Steepest Street in the World, 15 minutes

  • Dunedin Railway Station, the second most photographed building in the Southern Hemisphere for a good reason. The Sydney Opera house is the first, in case you're curious!  15 minutes

  • 26/35 Queens Gardens, where soldiers lined up before heading to war and thousands gather every year to remember them, 10 minutes

  • High Street and Dunedin's "Devil's Half Acre".  High Street is where professionals built their consulting rooms and the houses are still quite beautiful and interesting to see but then leading into the infamous Devil's Half Acre.  An area of town that was infamous for it's mischief and tragedy, 15 minutes

  • Luna Restaurant and Bar, Rosyln.  A little off the typical tourist path, a quiet place for lunch yet the spectacular view is anything but.  Lunch is not provided. 45 minutes

  • Larnach Castle. Take a guided tour through the home of William Larnach and his family before they met their tragic end then be taken back to your ship. Ticket included in tour price. 1 hour

    Thanks for joining Darkest Dunedin and we hope you have a wonderful remainder to your trip.