Tales of Murder and Woe - True Crime in Victorian Dunedin

Van tour of Historical Victorian Murders

Credit: Dunedin City Council
Credit: Dunedin City Council

Otepoti/Dunedin was settled by Free Church Presbyterians in 1848.

They worked hard and went to church on Sunday.

The gold rush in 1861 brought with it a completely different population to the one first envisioned - a much more lively and less law abiding one.

Your guide, Gregor Campbell has spent years curating true stories of crime and murder from Dunedin's grim past. He tells the tales expertly with poise and dignity as he drives around the seemingly harmless areas of Dunedin that, over a hundred years ago were more sordid and despairing. Relax back in a brand new Toyota Hiace minibus while Gregor brings our city back to life.... if only temporarily.

Tour is an hour and a half, pick up in The Octagon at 5.30pm.

Drive through the Northern Cemetery and then around various spots in the inner city where historical murders took place.

$110 - Adults

$95 - 12 - 15 years

$60 - 8 - 11 years

$65 - Infant to 7 years (to hire a car seat with sufficient notice)